So here's the deal.

We will have adventure, mystery, drama and explore the unknown.

We will get scared, laugh, cry, commiserate and rant & rave. Find new interests, rediscover old interests, find friends, allies, buddies, comrades, chums, cronies, pals, mates, BFF's, and besties!

We will game, compete, listen to music, read, discuss, love, like, and sometimes maybe unlike.

We post memes, photos, quotes, thoughts, ideas, life hacks, answers, questions and solutions.

But here is the kicker...we will do it in a positive manner. No name calling, bullying, foul language or in general lack of respect. This is a place where everyone can let their geek out...

This is literally how I would do a mic drop...what!?! I don't want to damage other peoples property!