Our Chopped Heroes

Here are our Chopped Champions!



Here's what they had to do...

They had to take dice and take their chances rolling for these ingredients:

 To Make...
Here is the game:

1.    Each chef gets 5 turns to roll the dice. 
2.    Chefs do not have to use all their turns.

3.    Chefs must use all the ingredients they roll in their dish in some way.

4.    Chefs can discuss trade or barter/negotiate their turns and/or ingredients ONLY during the “30 Mart.”

5.    The “30 Mart” is where those wanting to trade ingredients AND/OR turns gather and spend 30 seconds bartering and/or pleading other chefs to trade.

a.    The “30 Mart” occurs after every chef has rolled the dice and received two of their own ingredients and again when each chef has either (1) Used all of their turns or (2) Relinquishes the rest of their turns.

b.    If there are no chefs in the “30 Mart” the market is cancelled and cannot be reopened or “used” at a later time.

c.    Chefs are not allowed to enter the “30 Mart” after it has begun.
d.    If there is only one chef in the “30 Mart” he/she will present what they are wanting to trade to the group. This is the only time a chef can enter into the “30 Mart” after it has begun. All bartering and trading is still done in the 30 seconds time.


We let the kids decide if they were worth tasting.

We had a great time thinking of food in a completely different way. Plus any leftovers we had made a pretty good snack!