HELP! How do I make my movie!?!?

Having trouble with your movie? Everyone gets stumped sometimes, the important thing is to not give up!

Ways to Brain Storm...
  1. Watch some of your favorite scary movies. The point is to be creative, so don't just remake a movie. However, you can use some of the plot lines.
  2. Watch some older scary movies. I know having to play by the rules can be tough, but there are some great movies made in black and white or early color that had to abide by the same rules. They can have great inspiration for alternatives for some of the more gory or bloody scenes you wanted to do.
  3. Read or watch the news. Sometimes there can be strange or weird happenings in the news, UFO sightings, abduction stories, Big Foot sightings, etc. It could kick start a story line.
  4. Read some scary short stories. Remember these:    
      Or just search "Scary Two Sentence Stories." As always, be careful what you select, as internet searches can be tricky and bring up unwanted websites.
    5. Ask friends and family what creeps them out or scares them the most. Everyone is scared by something different. Sometimes, it's not the out right gore or monsters. Ask around and find out!

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